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DES MOINES, Iowa — Advocates for solar energy spoke with lawmakers Tuesday at the Statehouse.

The Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association gathered Tuesday morning at the Iowa State Capitol to discuss the economic impact of solar energy in Iowa.

All 99 counties have solar projects installed. Association officials say those with solar resources are benefiting from the solar tax credit.

Advocates say solar will expand across the state in the next five to ten years.

“I would think every farm would have solar. A lot of residences in our cities and towns would have a lot more solar. I think the electric vehicle will be around. I think we`re going to see a lot of that, like charging stations. Not just at the Hy-Vees and stuff, but also solar chargers across the freeways. And I just see more growth. I mean we are electrifying the modernization of our electrical grid and this is a big part of it,” said Tim Dwight, President of Integrated Power Corporation.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the solar energy business will be one of the fastest-growing jobs in the country between now and 2026.