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IOWA —  Senator Joni Ernst says there is only one word to describe President Trump’s assertion that the noise from wind turbines cause cancer.

“Ridiculous, I would say it’s ridiculous,” Ernst said on Thursday about President Trump’s comments.

On Tuesday night at a Republican fundraiser in Washington, D.C., President Trump told the crowd “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house congratulations your house just went down 75 percent in value. And they say the noise causes cancer.”  The White House has said it cannot offer any proof to back the President’s words.  Nor can anyone in the scientific community.

“I have church bells that ring across from my office here in D.C.  I know that noise doesn’t give me cancer, otherwise I’m sure I’d have church bell cancer,” Ernst said.  She says Iowa is fortunate to have the wind industry in the state and she doesn’t know where the President is getting his information.

Ernst’s words come one day after Senator Charles Grassley labeled President Trump’s words “idiotic.”  Governor Reynolds still has not spoken out against the president’s false statements, even refusing to refute the claim that wind turbine engines cause cancer.  We reached out again to her office on Thursday to clarify whether or not she believes turbines cause cancer.  The governor’s office did not respond.

On Thursday, Governor Reynolds announced the launch of another wind energy promotion program in the state.  “Power Up Iowa” will reportedly work to spread positive messages about wind energy across the state.  Governor Reynolds did not address the President’s statements at the “Power Up Iowa” event and did not take questions.  Jay Byers with the Greater Des Moines Partnership was not afraid to speak up though.

“I will just say that research shows that what the President said is not accurate,” Byers said.

Governor Reynolds’ tepid response to the president was pointed out on social media by Iowa Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer.  Reynolds told reporters on Wednesday that it is not “her place” to correct the president.  Finkenauer says that is exactly what she should be doing: