RYAN RESPONSE: VP Nominee Returns

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Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan spoke before 750 people Wednesday morning outside the Dallas County Courthouse in Adel. He and the other speakers made sure to remind voters of their angst about the economy.

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds asked the crowd, “Dallas County, are you better off than you were four years ago?”

The crowd responded in unison, “No!”

And that answer, Republicans hope, will ring true on election day. Their message before voters is all about the economy. Ryan said, “We are a country in doubt. We hit $16 trillion dollars of debt. That was announced yesterday. That’s a country in decline.”

That $16 trillion mark holds both a symbolic and worrisome reminder for voters uneasiness about the future. When asked whether Ryan feels a personal responsibility for the debt, he responded, “I think Republicans and Democrats both share the blame for the run up on debt. There’s no two ways about that. I’ve been the guy who’s been fighting this. I’m the guy who offered the budgets to get this debt under control.”

Ryan served in Congress since 1999. The debt has nearly tripled during his time there.
The debt also increased ever year Ryan’s party controlled the White House and both chambers of congress. But Ryan countered, “I first offered this under the Bush administration when I thought we were on the wrong fiscal path.”

Ryan made his case before Iowans that people should support a new mindset from what President Obama offers. He said, “This is a country where we think being successful is a good thing. It’s not a bad thing.”

And he added a key point of his team’s message this week, echoing the Lieutenant Governor. Ryan said, “The results are pretty clear. People cannot honestly say that they’re better off than they were four years ago.”


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