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DES MOINES, Iowa — On the eve of the Iowa Democratic Party’s Liberty and Justice dinner, Sen. Amy Klobuchar was back campaigning in the metro, and this time with a big endorsement.

Prominent Iowa attorney Roxanne Conlin announced Thursday that she would endorse Klobuchar for president after thinking “long and hard” about who she would support. She endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Conlin herself knows a thing or two about politics, as she was the Democratic nominee for both governor and U.S. senator. She said throughout her career she has fought for those who cannot fight for themselves, and thinks Klobuchar will do the same if president.

“She not mean, she’s not bitter. She’s really smart and she’s also, in case you do not know this, she is very witty,” Conlin said. “She will take down Donald Trump with her wit, her very sharp wit. She will stab him with it.”

Klobuchar made a dig at President Donald Trump when speaking to a crowd of roughly 40 people at Bubba downtown, and saying that it is normal for presidents to have conversations with foreign leaders, but not ones “looking for dirt on a political opponent.”

When asked by reporters if she would have difficulty juggling a campaign and her role as a U.S. Senator if the impeachment proceedings head to the Senate, she said key endorsers like Conlin will help her multitask.

“I think it’s one of the reasons it’s so important that I have all these endorsements,” Klobuchar said. “Because if in fact we’re in trial the fact that I have all these well respected leaders in Iowa that can go around for me if I’m in that trial, that’s gonna be helpful.”