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Next Tuesday, Iowans will be heading to the polls.

For Republicans, that means making a choice on a candidate for the Fourth District general election ballot. After a decade of serving northwest Iowa, a fellow Republican is challenging Congressman Steve King this year.

Rick Bertrand joins Political Director Dave Price for the Iowa Forums.

King has represented Iowa in Congress for 14 years, but now he will have to beat a member of his own party for a chance at two more.

Bertrand and King are both from northwest Iowa, they have both served in the state Senate, and now they both want the same job.

See where the two conservatives differ on taxes, immigration, and how they hope to grow Iowa’s economy on the Iowa Forums.

It’s not typical someone challenges an incumbent in a primary since beating that incumbent happens even less often.

Bertrand has been a pharmaceutical salesman, commercial developer, and state Senator. Now, he’s trying to represent the 39 counties in the Fourth District.

Part 1 — Social Security and College Tuition

Part 2 — The Business World

A major economic development project in southeastern Iowa is supposed to save farmers big money and bring much-needed jobs to an area of the state that really needs.

Bertrand also says Congress needs to help businesses and talks about what immigration reform would have on business.

Part 3 — Our Role in the World

A viewer has a question about leadership. It brings back a line from a popular commercial from years ago. Bertrand also talks about his views on our role in the world.

Part 4 — Quick Six

What does Rick Bertrand have that Steve King doesn’t? And why does that make him a better fit for Congress?