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DES MOINES, Iowa — Dave Price brings back political insider Laurie Belin, editor of the progressive blog Bleeding Heartland for the April 3 edition of the Insider’s Quick Six.

1) Better Clinton

What does Hillary Clinton need to do to improve as a presidential candidate?

2) Better Sanders

What does Bernie Sanders need to do to improve as a presidential candidate?

3) Pizza By Fork

The Internet is picking at John Kasich for eating pizza with a fork. Is it ever OK to eat pizza with a fork?

4) Wheel of $$$

Former Des Moines Register turned Bloomberg reporter Tim Higgins reports that “Wheel of Fortune” is worth a fortune this political season. Do you watch the iconic show?

5) Russia’s Best

Belin covered Russian politics for the better part of a decade. What’s the best part about Russia?

6) Prediction

Belin gives her prediction on how the Iowa Supreme Court will rule on felons’ voting rights.

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