PRICE OF POLITICS, ETC: “Top State” Loses to 11 Others

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A lot of thumbs are soaking in a tub of ice this weekend in Iowa. Governor Terry Branstad urged Iowans to tweet themselves silly as the state tried to win CNBC’s Top States battle. Iowans’ thumbs went to work and took the title.

The gov tried to make himself the latest YouTube sensation with this video. (1161 views as I write this)

In the end, Iowa took nearly 35% of the votes. The prize? No cash. No endorsement deals. No chance to take the stage in a Donald Trump made-for-television production. It’s all about bragging rights.

The bragging rights won’t be as strong with another CNBC ranking though. In fact, in this one, Iowa fell from 9th to 12th in CNBC’s evaluation of 43 different business factors. This Omaha Herald article shows why Huskers fans have reasons to do some bragging to their Iowa neighbors.


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