Pete Buttigieg Talks Healthcare to Voters in Fort Dodge

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IOWA — Pete Buttigieg has brought his newly announced candidacy and momentum to Iowa.

The South Bend, Indiana mayor made his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination official this past Sunday. On Tuesday he met with voters in Fort Dodge where he talked about his ideas on healthcare.

“I don’t think we can just throw the switch. We’re talking about a huge part of the American economy. And so if we want to do it right, I think what we’ve got to do is we take a version of Medicare and we make it available for people to buy into optionally as something that is available through the exchanges. So we’ve already got the exchanges set up. We can take Medicare — you can give it a name — but basically Medicare option. You could call it ‘Medicare for all who want it,'” said Buttigieg.

Buttigieg also held a townhall in Des Moines Tuesday night. This is Buttigieg’s first stop in Iowa since formally entering the race.


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