Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Hopes to Stir Up Politics With Love

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GRIMES, Iowa — In some ways, Marianne Williamson’s name is beginning to emerge in a crowded field of Democrats.

“We need a realignment. We need to right the ship, not only in terms of our policy but also in terms of values in our heart,” said Williamson.

The author’s presidential run is already appealing to Judy Sebern Beachy of Des Moines.  “I understand her message of love as a force that can change politics,” said Sebern Beachy.

It’s the way Williamson explained her message on the Miami debate stage Thursday that is getting national attention.  That exposure has found its way on perhaps an even bigger stage, as SNL star Kate McKinnon impersonated Williamson on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

For Williamson, her presidential bid is no laughing matter.  “When I’m president of the United States, I will be concerned with the rights of every American,” she said.

Speaking to a group of voters in Grimes Saturday, Williamson displayed her passion for a child’s right to a great education, no matter their family’s socioeconomic status.  “Where is the right of the child to secure happiness if they are trapped by the age of eight in conditions in life that make it so hard for them to self-actualize?”

That passion stood out for Brenna Tomlin of the Polk City Democrats. “I thought she was very charismatic,” said Tomlin.  But Tomlin didn’t hear enough yet to be convinced.  “It’s such a saturated field. It is incredibly hard to pick and choose one,” Tomlin said.

While many voters weigh a candidate’s experience in politics, Williamson sees her lack of political experience in a positive light.  “If people are just toeing the line saying ‘no, it has to be one of us,’ I just hope the American people will understand that there are many different kinds of expertise and many different kinds of qualifications.”

It’s qualifications that some of Williamson’s early supporters say will add life to the country.  Sebern Beachy said, “Politics have gotten stale and one track thinking, and we need outsider wisdom that will take us to a different level.”

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