Presidential Candidate Cory Booker Tells Voters ‘Polls Don’t Matter’

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AMES, Iowa — At a brewery on a Sunday afternoon, presidential candidate Cory Booker urged voters to not decide who to support based on polling numbers.

“Front-runners have never gone on to be the nominee,” Booker said.

In the most recent Iowa poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College, Booker lies at 2 percent among likely caucus-goers. However, supporters at the event said they are not worried.

“Those polls don’t concern me,” Ginny Hamilton said. “It just gives us more purpose and passion.”

Her son, Billy Hamilton, drives from Minneapolis almost every weekend to door-knock in his home state for Booker.

“When I’ve been door-knocking, people I’ve talked to say ‘yeah, I’ve been leaning towards him.'”

Although polling numbers are not necessarily in his favor currently, the New Jersey senator continues planning ahead. “When I become the nominee, I’m going to pancake Donald Trump,” Booker said.

He also joked with the crowd that although he is not sure who his running mate will be, he “hopes she likes beer.” Booker does not drink alcohol.

“I just know that we have to have gender diversity,” he said. “And that’s why when I’m the nominee, of all the incredibly talented, gifted women in this country, that my running mate is a woman.”

With less than three months before the caucuses, Booker said he is ready to rise to the occasion in Iowa.

“I played Stanford football and we were never aiming to get close, we were aiming to win,” he said. “I play to win and we’re here because I believe as things shift and change, we’re going to continue to grow in popularity and support.”


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