President of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women Steps Down Due to Donald Trump

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The head of an Iowa Republican Women’s Group is stepping down from her post because she says she cannot lead a group that supports Donald Trump as the party’s nominee.

Melissa Gesing of Brooklyn was the President of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women until Tuesday.

She says she submitted her resignation after months of soul searching.

In a lengthy post on her personal blog, she says the final straw was the release of the Access Hollywood tape last week. She says she was equally dismayed by what Trump said as she was by the reaction of some Republicans who ignored the tape and continued to attack Hillary Clinton.

Gesing wrote the following in her blog:

I ask you this: who are we if we defend ourselves by saying, ‘wow this is horrible, but not as horrible as that over there?’ regardless of your party or your opinions on issues, we need to have candidates who can stand on their own merit and be honorable. I am not going to talk about any of the Democrat, Independent, Green, or Libertarian party candidates because this is not about them. This is about who our Republican nominee for president is and what we as republicans will stand for.

Gesing told Channel 13 she is not supporting Hillary Clinton and wouldn’t tell us how she will vote.

She says she is still a Republican, conservative and may still renew her dues with the Iowa Federation of Republican Women in January.

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