Protest, Supporters Show up for President Trump’s Visit to Council Bluffs

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — President Donald Trump visited an ethanol plant in Council Bluffs Tuesday.

Trump landed at Offutt Air Base near Omaha, so that meant a short car ride to the venue. He passed through the town of Bellevue, where people waved from along the streets. Some people were also waiting in a designated protest area, a half mile from the venue he was speaking.

There was one giant protest sign against the president, saying “Thanks for Nothing Mr. President.” It was paid for by the One Country Project.

“I’m the CEO of Legion Digital Outdoor. We do advertising for both businesses and political groups all around the country,” said Jerry Teeter, who owns the digital sign company based out of Bellevue, Nebraska. He added that he has promoted political candidates from the Republican side as well.

Some people turned out on the streets of Bellevue to encourage the president.

“Just border security, just by himself he’s done a pretty good job of getting something rolling on it,” said Linda from Nebraska. “ It’s for everybody’s safety for the kids coming here and everybody.”

You can listen to the full speech Trump delivered at the ethanol plant in Council Bluffs, where he highlighted his economic policies and his administration’s recent decision to allow E15 ethanol to be sold year-round in the U.S.


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