‘Not Sure That He Fully Understood,’ Governor Says of President’s Policy That Impacted Biofuels

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds announced she is planning a series of actions to convince President Donald Trump to alter his administration’s plans to grant more waivers to smaller oil refineries, which impacts the state’s biofuels industry.

The Environmental Protection agency granted 31 waivers Friday to the smaller oil refineries, which means they won’t have to add ethanol into their fuels. That angered biofuels’ supporters, since it reduces the demand for their products. The governor said she will work to convince the president how that decision harms rural Iowa.

“I’m not sure that he fully understood the ramifications of what that means,” the governor said, “I think he has a pretty good idea now of what those ramifications entail.”

The governor said she plans to gather fellow governors who are adversely impacted by the administration’s decision and try to meet with the president in Washington, D.C. and also will call Vice President Mike Pence to see if he can assist their efforts to find compromise.

She said that she knows the president is trying to find a balance between refineries who said they were hurting, as well as biofuels producers who also face financial uncertainty. “He is an advocate for farmers,” she said in defense of the president, “I mean he is trying to do the right thing.”


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