MINIMUM WAGE: Braley Joins Calls For Increase


Rep. Braley (D) already has his name on the ballot

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An Iowa representative is getting behind the effort to raise the minimum wage.

Congressman Bruce Braley wants the national wage to increase to $10.10 from its current $7.25. That’s the rate in Iowa too.

Some states have passed legislation to increase it.

Braley says 25-thousand Iowans work jobs at the minimum wage. He says a parent with one child working 40 hours a week at minimum wage lives in poverty and that’s not fair.

“Right now the minimum wage isn’t index to anything specifically and serves as a political football kicked around at the whims of Congress, the minimum wage can and should work better because Iowans deserve better,” Rep. Braley told Channel 13.

The highest minimum wage of just over 9-dollars is paid in the state of Washington.


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