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We will be checking in with a group of Iowa voters about their process in picking a presidential candidate, leading up to the Iowa Caucuses on February 3, 2020. Meet the voters below and follow along with the series here.

Ann Rezarch (WHO-HD)
Ann Rezarch (WHO-HD)

Ann Rezarch, 66, resides in Ames and has lived in Iowa for 25 years. She is retired now but worked for 23 years in the Child Support Recovery Unit at the Department of Human Services.

Rezarch identifies as very liberal and supported Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama in past Iowa caucuses. She voted for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Al Gore in recent presidential elections.

After 45 years as a Democrat, Rezarch became independent because she is unhappy with the actions of the Democratic Party. However, she will be voting for a Democrat in the presidential election because she said the president must be removed from office.

Kimberly Dejoode (WHO-HD)

Kimberly Dejoode, 43, has lived in Iowa her whole life. She has been living in Knoxville with her husband and five of her children for close to five years. She works as a teacher assistant at Drake University Head Start.

Dejoode was raised a Republican as a child but became independent when she became an adult and now identifies as moderate. She supported Hillary Clinton at past Iowa caucuses. She said she will vote for a Democrat in the presidential election because they tend to look out more for the “little people.”

Pascha Morgan (WHO-HD)

Pascha Morgan moved to Iowa a year and a half ago. He lives in Des Moines with his wife and kids and works as a crime victim advocate for Creative Visions.

Morgan voted for George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Jill Stein in past presidential elections. He said he stopped voting for Republicans after the party no longer supported his ideals. He said Democratic ideals are now more aligned with his own.


Robin Thompson (WHO-HD)

Robin Thompson, 27, has been an Iowan her whole life. She currently lives in Ames and works as an in-home caregiver.

Thompson identifies as somewhat liberal and voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election. However, she supported Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses and is leaning toward him again.



Trevor Brass (WHO-HD)

Trevor Brass, 28, lives in Sioux City with his boyfriend after moving from Nebraska this past summer. Brass is a criminal defense attorney.

He identifies as somewhat liberal and recently registered as a Democrat after establishing residency in Iowa. Brass said he is strongly opposed to President Donald Trump and the modern Republican Party.

His current frontrunner is Elizabeth Warren, but he remains undecided. He voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Hannah Drollinger (WHO-HD)

Hannah Drollinger, 35, lives in Iowa City and has lived in Iowa for about 30 years. She is a professional musician – a classically-trained violinist and eighth generation folk fiddler. She is also a freelance writer.

Drollinger identified staunchly as a Democrat in her younger years but now vacillates somewhat further to the left on the political spectrum. She supported Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama in past Iowa caucuses.


Thom Davis (WHO-HD)

Thom Davis, 60, has lived in Iowa nearly his whole life and currently resides in Johnston. He is a retired professor of education at Drake University.

Davis identifies as very liberal. He has voted for Democratic candidates in each presidential election. He supported Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Jesse Jackson in past Iowa caucuses. Elizabeth Warren is his current frontrunner.


Sandra Glenn (WHO-HD)

Sandra Glenn, 81, is a retired college professor living in Cedar Falls with her husband. She has lived in Iowa for more than 60 years and also spent time living in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Arizona.

Glenn identifies as somewhat liberal and has always stuck to her principles and voted for Democrats. She supported Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, George McGovern and Hubert Humphrey is past Iowa caucuses. Amy Klobuchar is her frontrunner so far.


Carlos Arguello (WHO-HD)

Carlos Arguello has lived in Iowa off an on for 20 years. He lives in Grimes with his wife and two children. Arguello is self-employed, running a franchise for a hair salon chain in Iowa City, Coralville and Cedar Rapids.

This will be Arguello’s first time participating in the Iowa caucuses. He voted for Barack Obama in past presidential elections. He prefers to vote for candidates he likes, rather than vote for them based on political party affiliation.

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