Listen to President Trump’s Full Speech at Council Bluffs Ethanol Plant

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — President Donald Trump made his first visit to Iowa since 2018 on Tuesday. The president began his visit by touring an ethanol production facility in Council Bluffs. The president used the ethanol plant as the backdrop for a speech highlighting his economic policies. After years of delay, the EPA finally announced last month that E15 ethanol can be sold year-round in the U.S. For just over 30 minutes the president stuck to his usual script, reading a list of deals he says his administration has struck in the last two years. A local farmer called to the stage by the president thanked him for the E15 rules. However, he also called on the president to end waivers from the renewable fuel standard for major oil refineries. Those waivers allow oil companies to skirt laws requiring them to avoid buying ethanol produced in Iowa and the Midwest. The president did not weigh in on those waivers. The president did promise that new and better trade deals are on the way, including with China. He told Iowa farmers that they are better off with the bailout payments the government is giving them than they were with previous trade deals with China. Listen to his full speech below: Part 1 Part 2
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