Lawmakers Scrap Plan to Allow Iowa Schools to Get Rid of Nurses, Librarians


School nurse (WHO-HD)

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DES MOINES, Iowa – State lawmakers have listened to those opposed to a piece of proposed legislation that would have permitted school districts to eliminate school nurses.

The original bill would have given individual districts the choice of employing school nurses and librarians.

They’re currently required to do so by law.

We spoke with a group of metro moms, each with children who have complicated health issues, who raised concerns over the proposal.

They say nurses play a critical role in their children’s health, and their peace of mind, while they are at school.

Holly Messenger’s son has a heart defect and uses a feeding tube. She says the thought of sending him to school without a nurse being there — is scary.

“This fall when he turned three, we started the transition and it was really scary for me even with a school nurse in place that I trusted that I know knows a lot about his condition. She’s very comfortable especially with his G-tube and things like that. It was still scary for me, so I can’t imagine her not being there and not having a medical professional there to have that knowledge to know what to do,” Messenger says.

The mothers say they were especially worried about families in smaller districts in the state.

Wednesday they received good news, the provision about nurses and librarians was removed before the bill advanced out of committee at the Statehouse.


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