Joe Biden Warns of 'Ramifications' for Iran Air Strike During Iowa Campaign Stop

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DUBUQUE, Iowa  —  Joe Biden says he hopes the Trump administration is ready for what will come next after an air strike in Iraq on Thursday killed Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani.

“What I’m concerned about is whether or not there is a game plan,” Biden said, “The last thing we need is another major conflict in the Persian Gulf right now. So I’m just concerned that he’s thought through the second and third iterations of this. So far I have not seen that.”

Biden says Congress needs to be involved in the next steps of any conflict with Iran.

“The role of Congress should be to take a look at whether – I’m not at all sure and I haven’t had a chance to do the research – but I don’t think this is covered under the Use of Force Act. And the question is if they assert the assertion I’m told has been made, and I don’t know, this is all between the hotel and here, okay – I’m told that the assertion is that it was necessary to prevent another imminent threat. Well, let’s see if that’s true or not. If it’s not, there was a requirement to warn the Congress, to ask for Congressional authority. But I just don’t – I just hope they have thought through the ramifications if what the next several steps will be, because the last thing we need is to get into an unnecessary war with a nation of 44 million people.”

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