Joe Biden Receives Endorsement From Prominent Iowa Labor Leader

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AMES, Iowa — Former Vice President Joe Biden received an endorsement while campaigning in Ames from Democratic National Committee Member Sandy Opstvedt. 

He is the one candidate with both the experience and the heart to bring this country together, fix the mess and get things done for working families,” said Opstvedt at the event.

Opstvedt, a prominent labor leader in Iowa, says her decision lies with Biden’s support for organized labor and his plan to protect pensions and secure retirement.

Biden was also accompanied by former first lady Christie Vilsack, who endorsed the vice president late last year.

With only 13 days until the Iowa caucuses, Vilsack and Opstvedt urged voters to commit to caucusing for Biden. 

Ames resident Wayne Clinton said that New Jersey Senator Cory Booker was his first choice, but when Booker dropped out, he moved on to Biden who was a strong second option.

“He’s a doer that can get things done. And he relates to everybody, no matter what your status is, as people. I think people can come across with great empathy and compassion, and I trust that when he says that he’s going to stand behind what he says, and that he will heal this nation, and move forward, so that my great grandchildren will have a brighter future,” said Clinton. 


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