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PELLA, Iowa — After attending a backyard meet and greet in the community of Washington, Iowa earlier in the day, the former two time governor of Florida and current republican presidential candidate held a town hall event in Pella Wednesday night.

Jeb struck a hopeful and optimistic tone, saying he has joy in his heart, a love for his country, and a positive message to share. At a press conference held in the nearby Community Center before the Jeb Bush town hall event in Pella, Iowa Democrats criticized the former Florida governor, slamming him and what they call “Bush’s shameful policies for Iowa families.”

Speaking at the press conference, IDP 3rd Vice Chair Omar Padilla said, “As I’ve seen his heart, I’ve found that there is no room in it for our families, especially Latino families.” Padilla continued in his criticism of Bush, saying, “When asked what should happen to undocumented immigrants, Mr. Bush said citizenship is an underserved reward, so yeah, I’ve seen his heart.”

At the town hall, Bush stated his view on immigration reform, saying, “I don’t think eleven million people living in the shadows is appropriate in this great country. I think what we ought to do is stop ignoring the problem and fix the legal immigration system.” Bush continued to elaborate on his position, adding, “but as it relates to those that have been here illegally, there ought to be a path to earned legal status.”

At the press conference at the Community Center, Iowa Democrats also said they’re appalled by what they called “Bush’s disrespect for Iowa women.” Iowa Rep. Mary Gaskill (D-Ottumwa) said “In what universe do we live in when a candidate for president in 2015 has advocated for the public shaming of single mothers? A candidate who said just last week that being a single mom hurts the prospects, limits the possibilities of younger people being able to live lives of purpose and meaning.”

Bush also addressed that allegation at his town hall event, saying he doesn’t believe in shaming single mothers, but said he does believe in shaming fathers who abandon their children. Bush explained his position, saying “women who bring up children by themselves do it heroically. They do it against all odds. Men who don’t feel responsible for being part of their child’s life create real strains on that family.”

WHO-TV Channel 13 News spoke with a couple of Iowa voters at the event who are still undecided but are leaning in Jeb’s direction. WHO-TV asked one voter, “What is it about him and his candidacy that’s appealing to you and attractive to you?” Carole Gassaway answered by saying, “My brother lived in Florida when he was governor and said he was the best governor they ever had, and I`ve been pretty happy with both the other Bushes so, a trifecta`s alright with me.”

Patricia Anderson told WHO-TV, “As a former social studies teacher in middle school, I`m interested in all the candidates and Jeb Bush seems to have a good record in Florida. People seem to like him, that have been there, and I`m interested in his view on common core as a retired teacher. I need to understand more about it.”

During his remarks to the crowd, Bush hit home the point that he wants to be a problem solver, bringing people together, saying “we`re not going to improve the life or a farmer in Iowa that sees the massive regulation in their lives overwhelming them, making it harder to make ends meet, or a small business person here in Pella, that`s looking for a better environment, where we have higher sustained economic growth, their lives aren`t gonna be better if we just argue about it, if we just divide our country.”

Bush says he has a passion for solving problems and he wants to be the one to fix the problems he says America faces right now.