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BONDURANT, Iowa–Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz, a Democrat, told several dozen Iowans Sunday afternoon that opposition to President Donald Trump is a sufficient motivation for their efforts to elect Democrats in the November election.

“It’s o.k. to be motivated by a desire to stop Donald Trump,” Schatz said at Progress Iowa’s Fourth Annual Corn Feed in Bondurant.

Watch Schatz remarks here.

But he added that Democrats should also have priorities as they move ahead. That includes health care. Schatz has sponsored a public option plan where states could expand Medicaid and then let anyone buy coverage.

Markos Moulitsas, the founder of the liberal blog, urged people in the crowd to use their social circles to sometimes have “uncomfortable conversations” about politics. “You’re the point that radiates out,” he said.

Moulitsas also joked with the crowd, “Subpoena…given who’s in power in Iowa and in D.C. might be my favorite word, followed by conviction, followed by the whole Trump family’s in prison and then followed by Steve King lost the election.”

Watch Moulitsas’ remarks here (Warning: Moulitsas does cuss twice during his remarks).

King, the 4th District Republican Congressman, faces former professional baseball player J.D. Scholten, a Democrat.

Scholten also spoke at the event, along with Secretary of Agriculture candidate Tim Gannon, Secretary of State candidate Deidre DeJear, State Auditor candidate Rob Sand, Second District Congressman Dave Loebsack, and Charlotte Hubbell, the wife of gubernatorial candidate, Fred Hubbell.