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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Would they like to be able to develop their own app? Most of the Jordan Creek Elementary students gave the thumbs up. Would they like to create their own computer game? Again, most of their little thumbs raised in the air.

That was the hope. Educators at the West Des Moines school kicked off a week-long celebration of computer science. Monday’s effort highlighted a commitment to an “Hour of Code.” The effort aims to get students to understand that coding is useful. Not only does coding make it possible to design their favorite on-line games and social media experiences. But it is also part of appliances, phones and computers.

Sixth grade teacher Aaron Witt said during an assembly Monday morning of the teachers’ efforts, “They’ve been teaching students how to integrate technology into all of their areas of school.”

Coding means fun for students now, but it can also mean money later. Students with computer science degrees can expect be more “in demand” than most of their counterparts and make more money than nearly all of them.