Iowans React to Caucus Process


DES MOINES, Iowa — Other than the app difficulties experienced at precincts across the state, Iowa caucus-goers say it was overall a good experience.

For several caucus-goers this year, initially it wasn’t any different.

“I guess the only frustration I had was we didn’t get viability for the candidate I was there for, but the caucus at my precinct went smoothly,” Casey Presnall said.

Another caucus-goer agreed.

“They were like ten minutes late getting started, but the precinct captain and his assistant knew all the rules and it went well,” David Rocha said.

Some Iowans didn’t even realize anything had gone wrong until the results weren’t in when they got home.

“The big takeaway I got from it is they should have been more prepared to get results phoned in the old-fashioned way, and they kind of relied too heavily on the app,” Presnall said.

Rocha said even though he enjoys the Iowa Caucus and what it stands for, he understands why many people in Iowa and across the country are now questioning it.

“It’s embarrassing. They’ve had plenty of time to prepare and they should have had everything ready to roll and it’s just a debacle,” Rocha said.

Following the multitude of issues that happened Monday night, voters have mixed emotions about the possibility of losing the first-in-the-nation status.

“It’d be nice to see it a little quieter around here. The caucuses cause a lot of disruption, but at the same time it brings in a lot of money. I think a lot of people around here are proud of it, so I have mixed emotions on whether I’d like to see it go or not,” Presnall said.

Rocha said he believes complications this year won’t drive passionate people away from the whole process.

“This is my seventh caucus since 1980, and if there’s a candidate I like enough, I would definitely caucus again,” Rocha said.


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