Iowa Senator Has Message for Republicans Who Don’t Vote Trump

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Republicans held 24 seats in the Iowa Senate. Democrats had 26.

Republicans now have 23 seats because a longtime Iowa lawmaker is leaving the Republican Party, for now, due to “the racist remarks and judicial jihad” by presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Sen. David Johnson, of Ocheyedan in northwest Iowa, changed his voter registration from Republican to "no party" on Tuesday. He says Trump is a bigot and compared what Trump is doing to Adolf Hitler, and that’s a serious charge.

“Mr. Trump, what he wants to do, is to make ‘white male America’ great again. This is very much a nationalist-driven campaign. I don’t know why leaders in the Republican Party don’t understand that. It’s a repeat of what happened in Germany, maybe not to the same extent, but we have a disenfranchised citizenry. They’re very angry,” Johnson said.

He says Trump won’t get anywhere by trying to use his supporters’ anger.

Brad Zaun is a Republican state Senator from Urbandale. While he does not support some of the things Trump says, Zaun is confident having Trump in the White House.

Watch the above interview for Zaun’s response to his colleague’s words, saying he hopes Johnson “comes to his senses.”

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