Iowa Senator Defends Trump for President, Not His ‘Racist’ Comments

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On last week’s segment of the Insiders, we had a prominent Democrat and Republican both ripping Donald Trump and what he says.

Now, we want to hear from a man who's stood with Trump early and remaining with him.

Brad Zaun is a Republican state Senator from Urbandale.

Roxanne Conlin is a longtime Des Moines attorney and was one of the first women in our country to become a U.S. attorney. She said Trump using a judge’s Mexican heritage to attack him cannot be seen as anything else but racist.

“These remarks, you cannot dress them in any way, except as what they are and what they are: racist. He suggests that because he has attacked the heritage this judge shares, he can say that the judge can’t be fair to him. That’s absolutely absurd. That means no white man could hear a case that I was involved. That probably would never fly and it should never fly in this country,” Conlin said.

Zaun said that while he still wants Trump to go all the way to the White House, he called Trump’s comments “stupid” and his choice of words were terrible.

“I don’t communicate that way and it is disappointing some of the things that he says. But I still believe he is the right person to be president of the United States,” Zaun said.

Is he a racist man? Zaun says no.

“He does not have a racist bone in his body,” Zaun said. “I think the press twists things.”

AJ Spiker is the former state chair of the Iowa Republican Party and advised the Rand Pac. He says that at this point, he doesn’t like Trump and there’s still a way to dump him at the state convention in Cleveland next month.

“You have about 2,500 delegates that are going to Cleveland. They are the ultimate authority of the Republican Party. They have the ability to do anything they choose during that period in Cleveland, affecting the party,” Spiker said.

He said it’s not changing the rules if a different Republican is selected for the presidential nomination.

Zaun said that he disagrees.

“Donald Trump is our nominee, and my response to AJ is that the alternative is Hillary Clinton. And our country cannot survive or flourish with her leadership,” Zaun said.

Watch the above interview for more with Zaun on Trump.

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Sen. Brad Zaun talks about state Sen. David Johnson, who changed his party affiliation because of his strong dislike of Donald Trump. On Part 2, Zaun has some advice for the Republicans who say they will not vote for Trump in November.

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