DES MOINES, IOWA — The end of this week at the Iowa State Capitol marks one of the session’s bigger deadlines.

The second funnel week requires bills that originate in the Iowa House or Senate to pass out of the opposite chamber’s committee to survive the deadline.

For lawmakers in the Senate, a large focus will be on eminent domain legislation just passed through the House last week. Eminent domain legislation failed to make it through the Senate floor last year, so this week is a big one for those wanting there to be 90% voluntary easements before construction on a carbon pipeline route occurs.

“Eminent domain conversation is front and center and Senate Republicans are very concerned about how we do this, is in a way that also addresses the future concerns as well as the immediate concerns with the carbon pipelines,” said State Senator Jesse Green, (R), District 24 from Harcourt.

Senator Green is the chair of the Senate local government committee, where three bills were made funnel-proof on Monday, including one that looks to reorganize county compensation boards and how they operate.

“This is an issue that has come up year after year after year and there’s no resolution. This year I think we do have an avenue going forward to restructure the compensation boards,” said Green. “…It seems like reforming the compensation boards is the best way to go forward.”

Green also mentioned property taxes as a big focus of this last month of the session.

In the House chamber this week, expect committee movement on the SNAP benefits bill the Senate passed a couple of weeks ago. A House subcommittee took up the bill on Monday and looks to debate it again on Tuesday. The governor’s school transparency bill that passed the Senate last week will have to move through the House education committee in the next several days to survive, along with a bill that would allow pharmacists to sell birth control without a prescription.