GRIMES, Iowa — The husband of Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Iowa in the final days before the midterm election. Instead of talking about the White House, Doug Emhoff encouraged voters to choose Deidre DeJear to lead the Iowa Statehouse as governor.

Emhoff and DeJear campaigned together in Grimes Friday night. They were joined by Iowa Democratic Party chair Ross Wilburn, Iowa Senate District 23 candidate Matt Pries, and Iowa House District 46 candidate Bridget Carberry Montgomery.

Emhoff enthusiastically said DeJear would be a better leader for Iowa than current governor Kim Reynolds, and specifically cited Reynolds’ decision to turn down $95 million in federal aid for schools last April as a reason why.

“They’re doing it for power, not for the people. That’s just wrong,” Emhoff said. “When you have someone like Deidre who cares so much, you need her as governor of Iowa.”

DeJear rallied the crowd by reminding them of Iowa’s heritage as a “purple” swing state that alternates between Democratic and Republican party support.

“There are no strongholds, regardless of what the other side says,” DeJear said. “Your voice means something, and there are no limitations to what we are capable of in this state.”

Emhoff also made an appearance at Drake university before campaigning for DeJear.