CLIVE, Iowa — One of Nikki Haley’s first stops after the 2nd GOP primary debate was central Iowa.

Haley was introduced by Polk County GOP Chair Gloria Mazza and Iowa State Senator Chris Cournoyer, (R) from LeClaire. She spoke for about 30 minutes, talking about immigration, border control, China and the economy, before taking questions from the audience.

“What kind of climate change policy would we see from President Haley?,” asked an audience member.

“Yes I do think climate change is real,” responded Haley. “But I think there is a way to go about doing it, what Biden is doing is wrong…..If we really care about wanting to clear up the environment, I can tell you I dealt with this up close and personal at the U.N., we have to call out China and India on what they are doing.”

Haley also answered questions on topics such as the electoral college, getting the younger generations involved in politics and about excessive spending at the federal level.

WHO 13 News talked with several voters after the event to see what issues are top of mind for them at this point in the caucus season.

“Hardly anything has been said in the debates or in the campaigns about training those veterans any better,” said John Paul Strong from Des Moines.

“Because I am the younger generation I am the one footing the bill for a lot of these COVID relief policy spending,” said Arianna Cutler from West Des Moines.

“It’s a huge deal, where are they spending the money? You see a lot of corporate funding going into that and that’s just not capitalism, that’s just cronyism,” said Jonas Cutler from West Des Moines.