DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowa lawmakers in both chambers have now approved an increase to education funding in the state, and Gov. Reynolds signed the bill just hours later.

The Iowa House voted Tuesday morning to approve Senate File 192, an increase of 3% in state supplemental aid for public schools. It passed by a vote of 59 to 40.

The Iowa Senate approved the same percentage increase last week. It will add about $107 million to public education funding.

Governor Kim Reynolds had initially called for a 2.5% increase in her proposed budget. But she signed the 3% increase on Tuesday shortly after the bill’s passage, and she released a statement Tuesday evening.

“This results in a $1.19 billion increase in K-12 education funding since 2012. This investment represents our commitment to an excellent education system for all Iowans.”

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

House Democrats raised concerns that the funding won’t cover the rising costs due to inflation, leaving Iowa students hanging once again.

“3% is not enough. All we are asking is that we give our public school kids, the majority of our kids in our state, the same consideration that we gave to private school kids,” said State Representative Sharon Steckman, (D) from Mason City, District 59.

Republicans hold majorities in both the Iowa House and Senate.