DES MOINES, Iowa — She didn’t succeed the first two times. But in an interview with WHO 13, Governor Kim Reynolds — a Republican seeking her second full term in office — confirmed plans to try a third time to use tax dollars to assist more students into private schools.

“It’s no secret,” the governor said, “I’m going to look at giving parents a choice in their children’s education.”

Republicans hold comfortable majorities in both chambers of the state legislature. But Reynolds the past two legislative sessions failed to convince enough members of her party to back her plan to shift money from public schools to instead help children attend private schools.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a fellow Republican governor and possible 2024 presidential candidate, also told WHO 13 that he supports additional tax dollars to help students go to private school.

Reynolds’ plan would have provided scholarships of roughly $5,500 per student to they could go to private school. The 10,000 scholarships would have transferred approximately $55 million per year out of public schools into private schools.

“As important as it is to fund public education, it is equally important that we give parents the choice in their child’s education,” Reynolds said.

Dowling Catholic High School in West Des Moines charges $9,132 plus fees for a child whose family belongs to a parish and $12,776 for a child whose family does not belong to a parish, according to the school’s website. The website also states that 40% of students receive tuition assistance.