DES MOINES, Iowa — “Sioux City Sue” is going up for sale. Steve King is no longer a Congressman. But once again, J.D. Scholten is running for office. Scholten, a Democrat and former professional baseball player and paralegal from Sioux City, shocked many by losing to King, the longtime Republican politician in heavily conservative western Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District, by just three points in the 2018 election.

After King lost in the 2020 GOP primary to Randy Feenstra, a state senator from Hull, Scholten again ran for Congress but lost. He admits that he didn’t expect to run for office again but changed his mind after Chris Hall, the Democratic state representative from Sioux City, announced that he won’t run in the newly-configured House District 1.

Scholten said that he is selling “Sioux City Sue,” his campaign RV that he used to travel (and frequently sleep) during his Congressional campaigns throughout the district. A legislative district is a fraction of the geography to cover, so Scholten doesn’t see the need for the RV.