DES MOINES, Iowa — A bill in the Iowa Legislature would require cameras to go inside public school classrooms. Parents could watch a livestream of what’s happening and teachers would be punished financially if the view is somehow obstructed.

Before this legislation was even introduced, parents have been dealing with violence already being captured on video.

“The fact that they are videotaping it, sharing it on different platforms, and thinking it’s absolutely funny to do so repulses me,” Lindsay LaGrange, a parent with kids in Des Moines Public Schools, said.

LaGrange said last week, her son was attacked when he was walking home from school. Now, she’s even more fed up with the violence.

“I had already gone to the school board once. I had already gone to the schools once before, many times before being like ‘hey something needs addressed, the SROs [school resource officers] need to come back,’ and the fact that this happened, I basically blew a gasket.”

A bill introduced this week in the Iowa House would put cameras inside public school classrooms, allowing parents to see what’s going on. But LaGrange doesn’t think that’s enough.

“These children and their antics, they are looking for those administrators, those staff members, those teachers just to turn their cheek for one second so they can haul off and do something,” she said.

A spokesperson with DMPS tells WHO 13 News more than a thousand cameras are already in place to monitor building exteriors and common spaces in schools. LaGrange said social media pages where much of the video-taped violence is already posted show what’s actually going on.

“I don’t feel like they’re safe,” LaGrange said. “They’re not doing enough as a district.”

The DMPS school board hasn’t reviewed the bill in detail, but a spokesperson with the district said, “It seems concerning and problematic.”

Back in December, DMPS announced policy changes to address the violence.