Iowa-New Hampshire Showdown: Which is Better at Picking a President?

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Iowa and New Hampshire are two small states that get oversized attention because they're the first two states that hold contests in the presidential primary process.

But which state is better at picking presidents? Let's check the history books.

New Hampshire is better at choosing Republicans.

Five republicans won the New Hampshire primary and later became their party's nominee for president. Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush later became president.

Only three eventual nominees won the Iowa caucuses, and just one later became president -- George W. Bush.

On the other hand, Iowa is better with Democrats.

Five democrats won the New Hampshire primary and later became the nominee. Just one won the primary and actually became president -- Jimmy Carter.

But check out Iowa’s record:

Six Democrats who won the caucuses became the nominee, including the last three caucus winners in a row.

Two caucus winners became president -- Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama.

So add them all up in this two-state showdown and here's what we found:

New Hampshire's primaries nailed 10 nominees and three eventual presidents.

Iowa's caucuses had nine nominees and three presidents.

So when it comes to picking presidents, we can call it a tie … for now.

Candidates will shift their focus Wednesday to South Carolina. The state's Republican primary is Feb. 20 and the Democratic primary is a week later.


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