DES MOINES, IOWA — On Monday the Iowa House of Representatives passed a bill that would block the ability of schools to require their students to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

House File 2298 is a bill that does not allow licensed childcare centers, elementary, secondary or post secondary schools to require the COVID-19 vaccine for enrollment, whether virtual or in person,” said State Representative Henry Stone (R) from Forest City.

This would apply to all schools, public or private, K-12 and colleges and universities. It also includes day care centers in the language as well. There are hardly any schools that require a COVID-19 vaccine for their students, one being Grinnell College.

Even though schools have not been requiring the shot, Iowa Republicans have said they believe the time is now for this bill. It extends all the way through the 2029 school year. Iowa Democrats think that this is a hypocritical piece of legislation coming from the party.

“This is an interesting bill it only talks about COVID immunization not any other immunization,” said State Representative Sharon Steckman (D) from Mason City. “I thought we were to stay out of private business. This tells private daycares private k through 12 private colleges what they can do.”

The bill now heads to the Iowa Senate for a vote sometime in the future.