Iowa Forums: Rob Hogg Discusses Iowa’s Role in the World

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Sen. Chuck Grassley is a fixture in Iowa politics as a U.S. Senator who has represented the state for 36 years.

Four Democrats think that’s long enough. Tom Fiegen, Rob Hogg, Patty Judge and Bob Krause all hope to be the one to challenge the Republican senator in November.

All four will join Dave Price for the Iowa Forums. Think of it as a live job interview.

They’ll talk about issues they’re running on, like your paycheck, global warming and the cost of college today. They’ve all agreed to come in this week to take your questions.

Our first candidate is Sen. Rob Hogg from Cedar Rapids.

Part 1 — Minimum Wage, Taxes

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Part 2 -- Cleaner Living

Hogg has made the environment a key issue. He explains why a lawsuit is the right move in cleaning up the water.

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Part 3 -- Beyond Our Borders

Much of a senator's job is following what's happening outside our state. Hogg gives us his take on controversial comments from the VA Secretary on wait times for veterans -- plus, Iowa’s role in the world.

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Part 4 -- Quick Six

Hogg does the Insiders Quick Six for how he can beat his primary challenger.

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