Iowa Finance Authority Board Says Sexual Harassment Settlement Won’t Come from Taxpayer Dollars


Iowa Finance Authority Board Meets on February 6th, 2019

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  In a public meeting Wednesday, the Iowa Finance Authority agreed to reimburse $4.15 million to the Iowa’s general fund after the state settled two sexual harassment complaints involving their former director, David Jamison.

IFA Director Debbie Durham says the money will come from a fund which is made up of profits from the authority’s housing programs and low-interest loan programs rather than taxpayer money appropriated by the state.

Before voting on the measure, board member Michel Nelson sought assurances from legal counsel that agreeing to this reimbursement would not negatively impact the IFA’s ability to try to recover some of the funds from Jamison himself. Nelson also asked if transferring the money would lead to cuts for any current programs or current staffing. The answer to both those questions was “no”.

The board refused to appear in on camera-interviews following the meeting.

Interim Director Durham released this statement instead:

“I hope the State Appeal Board settlement decision and the Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) board action helps provide a sense of closure for all involved. Out of respect for the claimants, we are not going to dwell on what has been a difficult time. Instead, IFA will be focused on the future and continuing to provide important services to the Iowans and communities participating in our programs.”

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