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DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Democrats were hoping that this new system for caucusing would provide transparency and accuracy. However now most are saying it’s plagued with inconsistencies.

This new system was counting the popular vote from a first round of voting, an updated tally once caucus goers realigned and the figures for pledged delegates. However, the Democratic party ran into technical problems with reporting these three sets of results, forcing officials to try to verify results with “underlying data”.

“We’re validating every single piece of data we have against our paper trail. The system is taking longer than expected. But it seems like we will be able to eventually be able to report results with full confidence,” Iowa Democratic Chair, Troy Price said.

Among all the chaos Iowa Democrats want the nation to know that this was simply a reporting issue and nothing more.

“We want to emphasize that this is a reporting issue not a hack or intrusion. And it’s exactly why we have a paper trail and system in place to uphold the integrity of our process,” Price said.

Candidates were told early this morning not to expect any results until later in the day so campaigns are taking this into their own hands.

Around 4:30am this morning former Mayor Buttigieg’s camp released their own results from the caucus they gathered from precinct captains. Shortly after, Senator Sander’s campaign also released caucus results with Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren rounding out the top.

Iowa Democratic officials said results are still being collected. Iowan Republicans advise that Democrats don’t rush the counting process.

“The Republican Party went through this in 2012, when we put out inaccurate results and it was clearly a mistake on the part of the Republican Party,” Iowa Republican Chair, Jeff Kaufmann. “And yes it’s frustrating. I understand in a digital world, a social media world that we want results right away but accuracy is so much more important.”