INSIDERS: Polk County Auditor Confident Iowa’s Voting System Will be Secure for Election


Part 1

You have likely received an absentee ballot request form in the mail over the past week or so.
Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate sent out the request forms to registered voters ahead of the election on Nov. 3. Turnout soared in the primary election in June when he also did that.

Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald said that about two months out from the election he has already received about five times as many requests for absentee ballots compared to the past. Fitzgerald said he is confident that Iowa’s voting system will be secure for the November election.

Part 2

School district administrators and their boards have had to figure out how to bring students back to the classroom while determining how to best keep those students, their families and school staff safe. The governor has pushed for students to go back to class, rather than learn remotely. Her administration denied Des Moines Public Schools from temporarily moving classes online. Des Moines Public Schools did it anyway and sued. Here is how the governor addressed ongoing tension that has resulted from the disagreement.

Part 3

This year has been full of stress in our community and beyond. In this one year we have experienced demands for racial justice, ignited by the shootings of Black people by police. Some protests have led to further violence and destruction. There has been a physical, financial and psychological toll of COVID-19. And, of course, there is an explosive 2020 election. It is a lot added to other daily stressors and it takes a toll. Here is what an Iowa leader thinks can help people during this extended, stressful period.

Part 4

Here’s what a new AARP poll shows about how close some prominent Iowa races may be on election night.


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