Insiders March 24, 2019: State Sen. Claire Celsi, Viral Campaign Moments, Property Taxes

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa lawmakers are likely down to their final month or two of this legislative session. They are still considering major changes with education. Democratic State Senator Claire Celsi joins Insiders to discuss fighting those changes, what she still hopes to accomplish this year and what it has been like to be a rookie lawmaker in the minority party. Celsi doesn’t have much time to do it these days, but before her political career, she ran her own public relations firm. See what she makes of the presidential candidates trying so hard to find viral moments on social media.
Some Polk County communities are lowing property taxes after neighbors voted to raise the local option sales tax. Insiders looks at a push at the statehouse to limit how much town leaders can raise property taxes in a year.
Thousands of Iowa families have been impacted by the recent record flooding. Many have lost nearly everything they own. One Hamburg woman caught our attention with her spirit, hope and humor.
Claire Celsi returns to answer questions for the Quick Six


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