Insiders June 9, 2019: ‘Iowa Helped Lead the Way on Marriage Equality,’ Pete Buttigieg Says During Pride Fest in Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa — South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is one of the 19 Democrats running for president in Iowa this weekend. One of the things happening is pride weekend. Capital City Pride in Des Moines will have at least eight presidential candidates. Buttigieg is openly gay and discussed how equality has changed so much. What will be the issue that defines this 2020 presidential race? A recent CNN poll of registered Democrats nationwide found that combating climate change is a topic they agree upon most. Democratic presidential candidates are offering plans to do this. A metro environmental advocate explains why he thinks now is the time to address climate change.
Theresa Greenfield didn’t talk much about her Windsor Heights real estate business in her first campaign ad in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. In fact, she didn’t really mention it at all. Instead, she put most of her focus on her rural upbringing, much like Republican Joni Ernst did back in 2014 with her “Make ’em Squeal” ad that put her on the national stage and into the U.S. Senate.
600,000 workers left the construction industry nationwide during the Great Recession, and the industry has not been able to replace them, as workers have been able to find other careers. An Iowa group says carpenters, plumbers and other skilled employees are badly needed right now and could slow the industry’s work in the future if something doesn’t happen.
Buttigieg answers questions and gives a prediction on the Quick Six.


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