INSIDERS: Iowa Plans to Invest $450M in Broadband Expansion. Here’s Why it is Needed


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Part 1

If you are under the age of 30, you probably have a hard time understanding dialing up through your phone line and waiting for an internet connection, but that’s how it used to be. These days there are much faster metrics with much faster connections. However, Iowa’s internet speed remains one of the slowest in the country. Iowa plans to invest $450 million to expand high-speed internet service across the state. The president of the Technology Association of Iowa explained why this investment is long overdue.

Part 2

Sen. Joni Ernst says that she has reservations about impeaching former President Donald Trump. Ernst says Trump added to the atmosphere at his “Stop the Steal” rally right before Congress formally accepted the Electoral College results, but she says impeaching him now may not be constitutional. While several national polls show a slight majority of Americans want Trump impeached for his actions, Ernst says that impeaching the former president won’t bring the country together.

Part 3

Iowa superintendents had a tough decision to make last week when a big snowstorm was in the forecast but it had not arrived yet when school started. One district leader shared what it is like in what she feels is a no-win situation.

Part 4

Last week on The Insiders, Gov. Kim Reynolds predicted that the Iowa State Fair will happen in 2021. Last year’s state fair was canceled because of COVID-19, but Iowa State Fair CEO Gary Slater also feels confidant the fair will return this summer.

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