Insiders February 3, 2019: Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson, Two Insiders Discuss Democratic Candidates’ Campaign Messages

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Marianne Williamson became the fifth Democrat in Iowa this week. She is best known as a self-help, spiritual author who has sold three million books. She ran as an independent for Congress in California in 2014. Now, she is running for president as a Democrat. Williamson joins the show to talk about what her campaign is all about. Medicare for all is becoming the major theme for Democrats for 2020 campaigns. Two longtime insiders join the show to discuss whether that is the right message moving forward.
President Donald Trump has criticized people in the intelligence community for being naive on Iran. He has previously declared ISIS defeated while his intelligence community has warned they are active and dangerous in the Middle East. Hear why Sen. Chuck Grassley believes you should believe intelligence officials and not the president.
Later this month, Dave Price will release his latest book, “Caucus Chaos: Trump.” The book follows Trump’s rise in Iowa. Dave spoke with Iowans who believe he is exactly what the country needs and about what they think makes him so unique. The book includes interviews with dozens of top state and national leaders on how Trump built a following here, how he changed politics and the media and what that means for 2020. Dave reached out to about 30 potential Democratic candidates and asked them all one simple question about the future. You can can preorder “Caucus Chaos” on its website. The book comes out near the end of February.
Doug Gross, the 2002 Republican nominee for governor and Tom Henderson, a former Polk County Democratic chair, answer questions on this week’s Quick Six.


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