INSIDERS: Don’t Like Ernst or Greenfield? Meet Iowa’s Other Candidates for U.S. Senate


WASHINGTON – JUNE 5: The U.S. Capitol is shown June 5, 2003 in Washington, DC. Both houses of the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives meet in the Capitol. (Photo by Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images)

Part 1

The presidential election is approaching and President Donald Trump showed that Iowa is a battleground state when he chose to campaign in Des Moines last week. Thousands of people showed up to his rally. Most did not wear masks, even though Des Moines requires them and the Trump administration advises that states like Iowa should not hold gatherings of more than 25 people. Here’s a look at Trump’s visit to Iowa.

Part 2

By the time the Nov. 3 election comes and goes, the U.S. Senate race in Iowa will shatter state records for spending and likely end up in the top three nationally in 2020. Democrat Theresa Greenfield and Republican Joni Ernst commercials fill televisions, radios and smartphones more than just about anything else right now.

Iowans have probably never seen an ad for another candidate in that race. Rick Stewart has raised a fraction of the money as Ernst or Greenfield. He is the Libertarian’s nominee for Senate. Libertarians have increased prominence in Iowa but many still know little about them.

Part 3

Suzanne Herzog would go in after a hurricane hit and offer her skills as a former nurse to help with recovery. In 2020, she has entered politics as a candidate for U.S. Senate. Herzog is not a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian. She is running as a no party candidate. Hear why this nurse-turned-economist wants to represent Iowans in the U.S. Senate.

Part 4

In the Insiders Quick 6, WHO Political Director Dave Price looks more at President Trump’s rally in Iowa.


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