INSIDERS: An exclusive look at Gov. Reynolds’ visit at the US-Mexico border


Part 1: A look at the challenges at the US-Mexico border

Last week, Gov. Kim Reynolds joined nine other Republican governors for a first-hand look at the situation at the US-Mexico border. The American border patrol and Texas troopers took Gov. Kim Reynolds on a boat tour of the Rio Grande, the river that splits Texas and Mexico.

WHO 13’s Dave Price traveled down to the border to cover Reynolds’ trip. He interviewed her about why she took the trip and what she witnessed. But first, here’s a look at the challenges facing law enforcement at the southern border.

Part 2: What Gov. Reynolds witnessed at the southern border

Here’s a closer look at what Gov. Kim Reynolds saw on each side of the border as she headed down the Rio Grande on a boat.

Part 3: Why WHO 13 News traveled to the border to cover Gov. Reynolds’ visit

Various Iowa Democratic leaders and organizations criticized Gov. Kim Reynolds’ trip to Texas. They said it was a photo op and not a real effort to identify what is causing so many people from other countries to risk their lives and possibly give their family’s life savings to smugglers for the chance to make it the United States.

Dave Price explains why WHO 13 News made the decision to travel down to the border to cover the governor’s visit.

Insiders Quick 6: More observations from the border

In the Insiders Quick 6, Dave Price shares additional observations from his time at the US-Mexico border.

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