Insiders 8/4/19: Prominent Iowa Republican No Longer Supports Steve King, A Comedian is Serious About Running for President

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Bob Vander Plaats, one of Iowa’s most prominent social conservatives, has decided that U.S. Representative Steve King should no longer be in Congress after next year. Hear why he is supporting Iowa State Senator Randy Feenstra over King in the next election. Ben Gleib says he can go from stand-up comic and game show host to replace President Donald Trump in the White House. The president didn’t have government experience before he won the presidency. Gleib’s making a case that he doesn’t need it either to become president, although he does it in a different way. Gleib held a few campaign events in Iowa to introduce himself. Channel 13’s Dave Price talked with him about how serious he is about running for president.
Senator Cory Booker is trying to stand out in the 24-candidate Democratic field. His campaign has to make sure that he doesn’t just stand out but that he can actually win the nomination. Addisu Demissie, Booker’s national campaign manager, discusses how they are working to make that happen.
Back in June on Insiders, Dave Price asked Iowa Democratic Party Vice Chair Andrea Phillips and Iowa Starting Line founder Pat Rynard to predict how many presidential candidates would still be the race by the time the Iowa State Fair arrived. Here’s what they predicted.
On the Quick Six, Vander Plaats discusses whether Trump will help or hurt Republicans in 2020 and how we can better support Iowans with physical challenges.


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