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DES MOINES, Iowa– U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate from Vermont, pledged that as president taxpayers would take care of unpaid student debt. Sanders answers questions about whether that would upset Americans who already paid off their student loan debts and what would happen to thousands of Iowans who work in private health insurance if Medicare for All becomes the country’s new policy.
Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate from Delaware, disagrees with Sanders that Medicare for All is the best idea for health care. He also maintains that everyone will have coverage under his own plan.
Tana Goertz–an Iowa woman who met Donald Trump as a contestant on his reality TV show, “The Apprentice”– is now part of a national effort to get women more comfortable with publicly support President Trump’s re-election.
Major General Benjamin Correll, Iowa’s new adjutant general, understands the sacrifice families make when relatives get deployed. His has been deployed six times and his three sons have also been deployed.
Tana Goertz takes the Insiders Quick 6 on how she doesn’t see President Trump as a role  model, his best quality, how long Iowans need to be patient on his trade war with China plus a prediction.