Insiders 8/11/19: Why Republican Bill Weld is Running Against Trump, Kim Reynolds on the Trade War

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Bill Weld was Libertarian Gary Johnson’s running mate for the 2016 presidential election. Now, the former Massachusetts governor is a Republican again and is trying to beat President Donald Trump. Weld joins Insiders to discuss why he is running and why he thinks he would be a better president than Trump. Governor Kim Reynolds is paying attention to the trade war with China and the financial impact it is having on producers in Iowa. She gives her thoughts on the trade war and what should happen next.
Reynolds discusses the duties of being a governor and a grandma at the Iowa State Fair.
You see “Iowa nice” often in the Iowans who let politicians hold events in their homes. An Ankeny woman let a presidential campaign hold an event on her farm, not because she agreed to caucus for the candidate, but for a more pressing matter.
Weld returns for the Quick Six.

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