Insiders 7/7/19: Iowa’s Efforts to Attract Workers, Why One Family Moved From Portland to Pella

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DES MOINES, Iowa — There are more job openings than unemployed people in Iowa, so that means the state is trying to convince people who already live here to gain new skills or others who don’t live here to move. One man who left Portland for Pella shows what’s possible. The Iowa Business Council puts together what it calls “Iowa’s Competitive Dashboard” of the business landscape. They discuss why they believe Iowa is an attractive place to work.
What is it like for those new residents who decide to come to Iowa? One new resident talks about how Iowans have treated his family and what the state needs to do better to get more people to move here.
On Tuesday, the Iowa Department of Education is scheduled to recommend to the administrative rules review committee that school buses have seat belts. It’s been a process to do this. Channel 13 showed what Des Moines was doing back in November of 2017.
Between smartwatches and smartphones, Generation Z is the technology generation. On the Quick Six, find out what they’ll want before they take a job.


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