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DES MOINES, Iowa — Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper has been facing questions about whether he should continue his campaign for president. The former Colorado governor joins Insiders to discuss his future and the big philosophical differences within his own party. Ross Perot died this past week at the age of 89 after battling leukemia. As a presidential candidate in 1992, Ross Perot argued that corporate executives make far too much more than their employees, oversized tax cuts for the rich don’t trickle down to the rest and that income inequality has been punishing families. Here’s a look at a Perot campaign ad from the Channel 13 archives.
The U.S. Women’s National Team proved there is no women’s team better in the world after winning the World Cup, but they want better paychecks. A Des Moines attorney joins Insiders to discuss what it would really take to make pay equal among the sexes on and off the soccer field.
Gov. Kim Reynolds distanced herself from the projections former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad made about how much money privatized Medicaid would save Iowans.
Hickenlooper returns for the Quick Six. He gives his take on who else is ready to be president, the difference between a Democrat and a Democratic Socialist, and a question about beer.