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Insiders 5/3/20: Iowa Pastor Isn’t Rushing to Reopen Church After Governor Lifts Restrictions


DES MOINES, Iowa — Places of worship in Iowa can once again host larger gatherings under Governor Kim Reynolds’ new COVID-19 order. However, some have decided they are not ready to reopen.

Pastor Tim Hawkinson from Renew Covenant Church in Carroll explained why his congregation will not open its doors for Sunday service this week. He also responded to those who say their faith makes them believe it is unnecessary to shut down parts of the economy and take so many precautions against COVID-19 because it goes against God’s plan.

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst discussed on Insiders last week that the state is getting $32 million to help child care providers. It is still to be determined how the state will divide up the money to expand child care access, especially in places where it’s difficult to find nearby. A lot of families know that finding affordable child care is a challenge, and the COVID-19 outbreak has made it even more challenging.

A new national poll by Save the Children Action Network found 87% of voters support providing enough federal assistance during the COVID-19 outbreak to make sure child care providers can pay their bills.

880 members of the Iowa National Guard are working on a mission authorized by the federal government.

In this week’s Quick 6, Dave Price looked at the different situations where you don’t have to go back to work and can still keep your unemployment benefits.


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